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You have to let it set for 24 hours with 3m tape provided I have used 3m tape before Golden rule.. Some cabinets have small plastic stoppers so they close quietly This vendor needs to have a video to show how the template works I know the template would have made my life much Add to cart. I had to baby-proof some sharp edges and wall corners. This is a good product.

It's easy to install. The quality of the 3M tape is good. More importantly the density was a high factor on my criteria, and I am satisfied with the density.

Arizona Childproofers

Installed it on the corner of a wall, hit hard on the edge with my hand, and felt no sharpness at all. Thumbs up on that. When reading the product description, I was surprised they mentioned the purity and not-toxic nature of this product. I never thought that would be important until the walking toddler was biting on them, and it rang the bell. Now I am glad it is non-toxic too.

9 Ways To Baby-Proof Your Home

No way to test it, but I am trusting the seller and their tests on that. Overall, happy with this purchase and recommend it. BTW, at the time I was ordering this product, Okay, so my dog has figured out how to open the under the sink cabinet where the garbage can is She figured it out when she was like 4months old We had to buy these for one cabinet. I had purchased a 2pk but lost one of them and the sticky part stopped working so I figured these would last me longer. So far so good. These are very sturdy baby locks. I love that I can use these on multiple different handles that are mushroom or circinate type of handles.

They're able to have about a 5in distance between the handles. The way the lock mechanism is set up is not extremely complicated for adults but definitely will keep infants and toddlers out. It definitely helped that the box included a picture diagram though of how to unlock it because I couldn't figure it out immediately. The tape is great and easy so install which is fantastic! It's been preventing blacks and blues in my 8 month old baby that's started to climb everything to walk around.

Exactly what we needed!

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Easy to use. Works great. Was looking for a safe way to secure our cabinets but didn't want to damage the wood by having to drill a permanent solution. Came across this product and decided to give it a try. When I received the item, the first thing I noticed was how nice the locks and magnet were packaged.

They came in a nice hard plastic container. When I opened them up the actual lock is made of what feels like a heavy duty plastic. So, what you will want? A wide , extra-wide , or even super crazy-wide baby gate should do the trick.

The Best Features to Look for When Buying a Baby Monitor

I never needed them. Wobbly toddlers and new runners trip, slip and fall often, so start by slapping on a bunch of those corner guards we talked about earlier. Store knickknacks out of reach. Secure your fireplace with a hearth guard. Make sure your outlet covers are in place, and tape extension cords down with electrical tape.

Surprisingly, the bathroom requires just a bit of baby-proofing.

When should I start babyproofing my house?

Place medicines, soaps, electrical gadgets, and other potential dangers e. What I do recommend is an easy-open cabinet lock like strap locks or sliding D-locks , so you can keep at least one cabinet completely off-limits to baby. If your baby is fascinated by water, you might want to consider a toilet lock.

Finally, a no-slip bath mat is a lifesaver literally , when your kiddo is old enough to sit up or — shudder — stand by himself at bath time. Your little one will spend a lot of time in her room, so make sure her nursery is safe : Be sure your crib meets current safety standards. Throw away crib bumpers, and take blankets, stuffed animals, and other suffocation hazards out of the crib. Secure heavy furniture to the walls with straps. A few other considerations: Our most-loved bedroom baby-proofing supplies boiled down to a single item that we purchased over, and over, and over again: finger pinch guards for the door.

They are incredible, especially if you have breezes blowing through your home. Hinge guards are also available. Great ideas here. Also here. In the meantime, enjoy the milestones!

Baby Proofing Checklist for Before Baby Can Crawl

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Install Outlet Covers Not going to lie: As soon as my kiddo could scoot, I went a little overboard with the plug covers. Breathe The fun not starts here.