Behavioral Neuroscience of Drug Addiction

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Kuhar is offering an expert glimpse into addiction research through Coursera, an Emory partner for MOOCs massive open online courses. The course, "The Addicted Brain," examines addiction to drugs and other behaviors.

Encyclopedia of Behavioral Neuroscience

In the course, Dr. Kuhar describes what happens in the brain and how this information helps us deal with and overcome addiction. View publications on PubMed. Libraries Robert W. Carlos Museum Emory News Center. This Site All Emory People. Support Yerkes!

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Boehm's lab seeks to understand how developmental and genetic factors influence loss of control over alcohol intake, or binge drinking. His research uses mice of different developmental and genetic backgrounds to ask mechanistic questions about the complex relationships between brain and behavior.

Currently, she is working with a model that closely approximates human alcohol-drinking: from the onset of a "drinking episode" which starts with the purchase of a bottle or the entering of a bar, to the termination of that particular drinking binge. Charles R.

Goodlett , Ph. His goals are to understand the factors that determine the type and extent of brain damage-and associated behavioral dysfunction-and to identify treatments that may rehabilitate or protect against prenatal alcohol-induced brain damage i.

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Nicholas J. Grahame , Ph. Grahame seeks to understand genetic influences on behavior, specializing in alcoholism. Using animal models, he studies why some individuals prefer alcohol while others avoid it. Christopher C. Lapish , Ph. The primary focus of Dr.


Marian Logrip , Ph. Logrip's lab studies sex differences in the brain and how it adapts to stress and alcohol.

We look for differences in the brain circuits of male and female rodents to understand what neural processes support the development of mental illnesses like anxiety and alcohol use disorders. She is currently examining the effects of early insults i. Brandon Oberlin , Ph.

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The brain mechanics of attentional bias suggest anybody can become an addict.

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