Kabir: Ecstatic Poems

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The Yogi comes along in his famous orange. But if inside he is colorless, then what? When the bride is one with her lover, who cares about the wedding party? It goes without saying that the "facts" about Kabir are few. He was born to a virgin mother in — maybe. He died in — perhaps.

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Did he really live for years? Was he married? Did he have a religion? And one more: He wrote about verses.

Poem of Kabir (کبیر)- Anhad Ka Baja (اَنحد کا باجا) - Shafi Faqir 1/2

He expresses what he sees in two line bursts of poetry that read like prose — like speech, really. Always, he seeks the truth, then writes what he finds. For the Kindle edition, click here. When you were born in this world Everyone laughed while you cried Conduct NOT yourself in manner such That they laugh when you are gone. Kabir will tell you the truth: this is what love is like: suppose you had to cut your head off and give it to someone else, what difference would that make?

The clarity!

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  • Five Ecstatic Poems of Kabir!
  • The Kabir Book Forty Four of the Ecstatic Poems of Kabir by Bly Robert.

The simplicity! You think you get it on the first reading, then you finding yourself thinking about his lines — and you see how much is underneath them. Like great blues music, like great comedy, there are levels and levels. Looking at the grinding stones, Kabir laments In the duel of wheels, nothing stays intact. May I disagree? Odds favor that readers will still be devouring him in another thousand.

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Kabir: Ecstatic Poems – By Robert Bly

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Kabir: Ecstatic Poems, tr by Robert Bly (but mostly Bly)

Select options to continue. Now, we are proud to publish a revised, beautifully designed hardcover edition that includes 10 new translations. A weaver by trade but a poet-singer by calling, Kabir lived in fifteenth-century India. His philosophy incorporated the beliefs and practices of both Muslims and Hindus. Not only did Kabir influence these religious traditions, he was one of the major inspirations behind Sikhism as well.