Maintenance Fundamentals

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Compulsory Courses (Four)

After completing the course, you should know:. This is an excellent course for anyone who needs information on air distribution systems.

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You will benefit from this course if you are:. Fundamentals of Building Operation Maintenance and Management.

Maintenance Fundamentals

Share This. What You Will Learn You will develop an understanding of the current needs to operate, maintain, and manage buildings. After completing the course, you should know: How to identify the major elements of an effective maintenance program and understand the advantages of transitioning to a proactive maintenance program.

The cost considerations associated with owning and operating a building.

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How to effectively use controls to measure and monitor building energy performance. The functional testing performed during commissioning including the existing-building commissioning process. Course Content Maintenance Techniques - Maintenance strategy and control, transitioning from reactive to proactive maintenance, maintenance contracts, establishing a minimum standard for inspection and maintenance of equipment, operating and maintenance documentation, and maintenance technician training.

Owning and Operating Costs - First costs of building ownership, new building construction project delivery methods, estimating costs, service life, depreciation, recurring cost, maintenance costs, utility costs, regulatory costs, utility billing analysis, and economic analysis. The difference between planning and scheduling needs to be clear within each company.

Fundamentals of Maintenance Planning Series

These are differing areas worthy of differing measurement and improvement initiatives. Planning can occur at any stage during the life of a works order. An electronic indicator in the work-order systems needs to be able to identify the work-order by status of planning. In this manner works orders requiring parts, procedures, documents, skills or equipment can easily be focused upon. - MEMA - Integrate maintenance fundamentals into an engineering task

A work order cannot be considered planned until all of these have been considered. As well exception reporting needs to highlight:. At this point, only, does it become a "Planned" work-order. Not all require planning; this also needs to be included in any indication. Scheduling is the function of coordinating all of the logistical issues around the issues regarding the execution phase of the work.

This can also uncover some areas of planning deficiency, which needs to be captured. Scheduling is best performed in a capacity-scheduling manner, whereby the following takes place. Most modern systems have the capacity to output data to spreadsheets or similar.

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This is where the majority of scheduling work needs to occur. Review of this by week needs to focus on executed works.

Webinar: Transformer Testing & Maintenance Fundamentals

In this manner re-scheduled works, while important though difficult to fully quantify, can be captured in hour's terms by omission. Unplanned and unscheduled work makes up the majority of breakdown works orders generally. However modern systems do contain template work orders. Focusing of these on corrective actions can produce a "planned" breakdown work order.

Works order templates containing all planned information including parts and resources requirements.

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These can take a lot of the work out of the planning function so that it can be focused more on improvement. Estimation variances, additional tips or instructions, improving the safe working practices and reviewing the stores re-credits can offer areas of improving work order templates.