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Sorrow is not natural to man. It is only an effect or result of some cause. If something is natural, none can destroy it. For example, sweetness is the nature of sugar; whatever you may do, you cannot remove the sweetness of sugar and make it taste otherwise.

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If sorrow were to be natural to man, there would not be so many ways to get rid of the sorrow, for it could not be got rid of through effort. Sorrow is unnatural to man and there are several means to cure him of it. Sorrow is destroyed only by turning to God and leading a spiritual life. A lazy horse when fed with nutritious food becomes lazier.

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The senses too are lazy and if they are fed with all that they fancy, they become stronger and more demanding. Thus strengthened, they finally destroy the humanness in man.

Shirdi Sai Mahadeva

When we set our mind on the ways of truth, we can experience, in future, the real bliss. Here is an illustration to understand how to follow the path that is true and lasting using our senses. Man is pursued by three kinds of sorrow in life. They are worldly sorrow, providential sorrow and spiritual sorrow. Adhi-Bhouthika sorrow, worldly sorrow, is that which is inflicted by the creatures of the world like snakes, bears, animals, insects, worms, etc. Adhi-Daivika sorrow or providential sorrow is that which we face in unforeseen and providential ways, like floods, drought, earthquakes, fire, accidents, etc.

Sometimes one is struck by lightning quite unexpectedly; even this is providential sorrow.

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The body is subjected to various illnesses and diseases throughout life, and man experiences much sorrow due to this. Even when the body is all right, one may suffer from problems and diseases related to the mind. I shall teach you inside the cave dwelling. Please go inside and light the small lamp lying inside.

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He struck many matches but the lamp would not be lit. He emptied the matchbox but remained unsuccessful in his attempts. Let me have a look at the lamp.

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The disciple then discovered that it was water that was in the lamp and not oil. And as the wick was soaked in water, it would not burn. Then light it. It will surely burn brightly. Once the lamp was lit, the Guru turned silent. When will you do that?

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He discovers and shares his answers that are practical and applicable. He explores and experiments the truths and principles from various Hindu scriptures such as Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, and many more. During his extensive travels, he even explored other ancient cultures around the world and learned their methods of healing and balancing. Gaining the knowledge through self-knowing, Sri Madhu Sai shares his experiences and embarked on a journey to help people across the world who are suffering from mental, emotional and spiritual challenges.

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During his 13 years - as a Hindu monk, he traveled to more than 30 countries to teach and share his wisdom. He exchanged his teachings with healers from other traditions, guided and trained people in healing techniques. He organized and taught to 15, people in a four-day seminar with the help of volunteers in India. He worked tirelessly and gave 25 talks, and two-weekend retreats each month.

He contributed to changing the lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide through his practical and proven integrated system of Yoga Therapy. He helped many awaken to their true self and purpose of life, health, prosperity, and happiness. He shares that "When you have a question, then the answer is readily available to you in your inner knowing. The key is to observe and see it from a higher perspective. Through his personal experiences, witnessing others, observing life events and contemplation, he would realize answers to particular problems, and create effective practices and solutions, so people can find relief to their sufferings.

He encourages people to apply themselves while he guides and supports them women, teenagers, men with their challenges. He teaches guided meditations to release emotional imbalances and blocks such as stress, tension, fear, anger, and anxiety. He shows some breathing practices to gain clarity and heal relationships.

Darshan with Sai Maa: An Enlightened Experience with a Divine Master

He explains specific exercises to be free from issues like insomnia, bulimia, anorexia, tension and stress. He educates seekers how to let go of attachments and connect deeply with your higher Divine self. Sri Madhu Sai has a unique ability to help you understand the root cause of issues and problems you face and empower you to deal directly with the root cause. In his work, he helps you accept yourself, both positive and negative, and regain control and balance in your life.

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